The Way Neuragen Works

Neuragen is a topical product that works directly at the site of the pain as opposed to oral products. Neuragen reduces the spontaneous firing of damaged peripheral nerves. By calming these firings at the source, Neuragen is clinically shown to reduce shooting and burning pains quickly and without the side effects of orally taken medications. A real and affordable canadian pharmacy: This is in part due to the small lipophilic molecules found in Neuragen which rapidly carry the active ingredients through the rough outer layer of the skin to the site of the pain.

Many patients who have failed to respond to other treatments have experienced significant pain relief using Neuragen. Many patients who have used Neuragen have not only reported sleeping better but sleeping throughout the night, being able to walk without pain, remaining active, going back to work, enjoying a social life again, increased energy and less depression – a significantly better quality of life.

Neuragen is a homeopathic pain reliever and is completely safe to use, with no side effects. Neuragen may be used alone or in combination with other medications. Always discuss all types of pain with your health care professional.

Neuragen is available over the counter in most local pharmacies either in the diabetic section or the analgesic (pain) section.

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