Transdermal Gel

For Discomfort Associated with Shingles and Other Chronic Nerve Damage*

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NeuraGEL is for topical application to the skin, consisting of a skin penetration enhancing proprietary oil blend and associated essential botanical oils together with a safe gelling agent. NeuraGEL contains the same ingredients as Neuragen®, but many people find the gel format easier to apply to the site of pain. Available in an 6g (0.2 oz.) jar.

Neuragen is recommended for first-time users, since it has a slightly higher concentration of active ingredients.

NeuraGEL does not have harmful side effects and may promote healing. It does not numb the area of application and can be applied repeatedly. Please refer to the information on Neuragenfor additional information on the active ingredients and scientific background.

* The products mentioned above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For medical advice, always consult your health care professional.