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Please watch the following video to learn more about Neuragen as a possible treatment option for your nerve pain.

There are ways to take control and manage nerve pain, half the battle is won when a patient takes an active role and begins to help themselves! Patients should talk to their health care professional at the first sign of any symptoms.

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Although many common over the counter pain medicines have not been clinically proven to work very well for nerve pain, there are other treatment options. An effective, clinically proven, over the counter treatment called Neuragen was developed to temporarily relieve this kind of nerve pain.

Neuragen works by reducing the spontaneous firing of damaged peripheral nerves. By calming these electrical signals at the source, Neuragen has been shown clinically to reduce neuropathic pains very quickly. Neuragen’s effectiveness is in part due to the small lipophilic molecules found in topical Neuragen which rapidly carry the active ingredients through the rough outer layer of the skin directly to the site of the pain. Instead of masking pain symptoms like other topical pain products do, Neuragen goes deep to where the pain originates. In clinical trials, 80% of Neuragen users typically experience pain relief in as little as 5-20 minutes with the duration of pain relief up to 8 hours.

Many patients who have failed to respond to other treatments have had successful results with Neuragen. They have not only reported sleeping better but sleeping throughout the night, being able to walk without pain, remaining active, going back to work, enjoying a social life again, increased energy, less depression, a significantly better quality of life.

Patients with nerve pain are often on multiple prescription medications which have the potential for drug-drug interactions and an increased incidence of side effects. Topically applied Neuragen is a homeopathic pain reliever and is safe to use by itself or with other medications at the same time with no known disruptive side effects or drug interactions.

Pregnant patients should consult a physician prior to using Neuragen. Neuragen use should be discontinued if skin irritation develops and it should not be used near eyes or applied to open sores. Neuragen is a proprietary, homeopathic product clinically studied and recommended by health care professionals since 1996. Neuragen is available over the counter at all leading pharmacies.

If you are experiencing nerve pain, always consult a health care professional.