HerpeStat® Cold Sore Lip Shield

In addition to a proprietary oil blend, HerpeStat Lip Shield contains potent, active ingredients such as Prunella vulgaris and Polyphenon® green tea catechin extract. Studies from a major US academic research center revealed that geranium oil is highly effective in the treatment of the Herpes virus*. Research led by Dr. Yukihiko Hara, Mitsui Norin Group, Tokyo, and Drs. Spencer Lee and Song Lee, Dalhousie University Medical School, Halifax, has confirmed the effectiveness of Polyphenon catechins, and Prunella vulgaris for the treatment of herpes viruses.

Origin BioMedicinals’ team of compounding pharmacists took these three potent extracts and developed HerpeStat Lip Shield. Together with a special transdermal formulation, HerpeStat Lip Shield is able to access the area under the skin where the herpes virus begins, ultimately stopping the cold sore virus before an outbreak occurs. We have added zinc oxide and vitamins C & E in our all-natural formula for the additional lip protection that you need. We at Origin BioMedicinals would like you to be assured by the proven quality of this product.

Ingredients: shea butter, bees wax, Polyphenon® 70S green tea extract, Avena sativa oil, zinc oxide, peppermint oil, a proprietary oil blend, Prunella vulgaris extract, tea tree oil, bergamot oil, ascorbic acid (vit. C), D-alpha tocopherol (vit.E)

* Greenway F. (1997) Composition and method for topical treatment of active herpes viral infections. PCT patent application WO981764A1. Dr. Greenway is a researcher at the Pennington Biomedical Center, University of Louisiana, Baton Rouge.