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Trampolining is as good for your health as it is fun.

Do you know playing trampoline is not only fun but also an effective exercise? Playing trampoline is currently one of the most favorite fitness over the world for many great effects. Jumping on a trampoline will bring out happiness, fun and have calories burned if you know how to play properly.

Just see the following health benefits of playing trampoline and I sure you will want to have one. 

  1. One joule per minute.

Some studies show that jumping on a trampoline is more effective than jogging about 68%. You have to use more calories to jump than run. Let’s see, jogging will become boring if it just helps you become fit. Why do you run patiently in 3 hours when you can have both that benefit and fun just in 1 hour playing trampoline?

  1. Good for your heart

Playing trampoline is an advanced exercise of aerobic athletics that supports to keep cardiovascular healthy. It raises the heart beats during the exercise. Your cholesterol and triglyceride index will no longer have to be monitored if you play regularly.

  1. Improve general health

Besides cardiovascular, playing trampoline also gives you a lot of wonderful effect on your whole body. It strengthens your muscles, helps losing your weight, and increases the flexibility of bodies. In addition, this exercise keeps your blood pressure stable and your lung as well as your respirator system sound.

  1. Increases density of bones

Jumping in trampoline is one way to play sport without injuries. Because trampoline has the flexible surface that moves with you when you land, it reduces the impact of landing. Your feet will not have to contact with such a hard ground as when you walk or go jogging. The spring decreases 85% collisions; therefore, this has your joints, knees and back injuries at a minimum. Furthermore, the repetitive bouncing motion in trampoline increases density of bones, builds firm bones and avoids obese.

  1. Improve emotion

Many researches show that playing trampoline is against depression, helps the player feel energetic all the day. You have fun while burning calories with this exercise. By reducing stress, playing trampoline helps you sleep well at night, have a right and positive attitude to life.

You may book a trampoline class at any local sport center if it is available. Many large gyms provide group fitness classes that include trampolining incorporated with aerobic or yoga. Or buy one for yourself if you have enough budget.

In case you are considering buying a trampoline, the best exercise trampoline at home is a mini trampoline. A full-sized trampoline is suitable for big backyard activities. For advanced level, gym-style or professional trampoline is most appropriate for who are training for a specific sport. A common mini and full-sized trampoline is circular shape while a typical professional one is rectangular shape.

In short, playing trampoline is good for your whole body. If you are looking for an exercise that is both fun and effective, why don’t you try trampolining?


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