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What EO do you use for massage

Massage has been known as one of the most relaxing therapy for a long time, especially when you had to go through a tough week of working hard and you need to relax a little bit. However, not many people know the health benefits of massage.

One of the main health benefits is that massage can improve your blood circulation. While you have a massage, your whole body and muscles are patted, twisted, and the movements of massager’s hands will stimulate your skin resulting in the production of heat which not only helps you improve your metabolism but also affects the blood vessels and nerve under your skin, it is how massage improves your blood circulation. Therefore, getting a massage has many health benefits such as eliminating toxins, making internal organs function more properly, and improving your skin texture as well as your muscle flexibility.

If you want to enhance the benefits of a massage, you need to use specific essential oils. It is obvious that you can totally get a massage without a massage oil but if you use it, it is much easier because it can reduce the friction between skin and hand They will make it easier for you to get a massage in many different seasons. There are so many options for you to choose when it comes to massage oils whether it is regular massage or chiropractic one.

essential oil for massage

The followings are the most widely used and common massage oil all over the world, recommended by Barbara, founder of AirNeeds

Sweet Almond Oil

This mildly fragrant oil is made from sweet almonds and it is the most common massage oil. This oil has all the attributes which are essential in a massage oil. When using it, you can feel the oil flowing on the skin and it can maintain the oiliness for the whole massage because sweet almond oil does not be absorbed too fast. Also, if you are the person who performs a massage with this oil, you will love it when you can feel the smooth glide between the skin and your hands.

Coconut Oil

This type of oils is known as a marvelous gift from nature for us and is also a favorite for many massagers.  Regular coconut oil will solidify under cold conditions but it is very easy for you to heat it up and then apply it on the skin. This oil has no color, it is very light and can be absorbed brilliantly into skin. Using coconut massage oil can not only help protect your skin against cracking, sagging, aging, and peeling but also protect the skin from microbial infections.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the most common oil for baby massage. However, adults can use it too. The main purpose of this oil is to improve our skin’s elasticity by strengthening it. A regular massage using olive oil will make your skin look much glossier and younger. It is true to say that the benefits from olive oil are unbelievable. It can help relieve your strained joints and sore muscles, and thanks to the powerful compounds which is anti-inflammatory, olive oil can soothe your pain and encourage inflamed tissues to recover more quickly as well as protect your skin from microbial infection.

Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is very thin and light, when applying it, you can easily feel the oil smooth and glossy between hands and skins. Unlike many other massage oils, this one is very nutritious because there is a high amount of linoleic acid contained in a small bottle of this oil, it is also the reason why this type of products is a little more expensive than the other massage oils. Furthermore, Grape seed oil has been very useful in the treatment of so many skin issues including dermatitis, itchy and dry skin, acne, wrinkles, dun burns, and so on.

Avocado oil

This one is quite thick and has yellow color. When applied, it will be deeply absorbed in your body and then help relieve itchy and dry skin, that is the reason why it is known as an ideal skin care agent and moisturizer. In addition to clearing your scaly skin, avocado oil can also increase the collagen regeneration which is very important to keep your skin plump and reducing the effects of aging. Another thing that makes this product beneficial is that it has been very useful in the treatment of many different skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, besides, it can facilitate the healing of burns and wounds to the skin.

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