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Benefits of Daily Walking for Women

Go walking is one of the simple interesting ways to keep health and lose weight. It is an ideal activity for all ages, especially for those who want to find a suitable exercise without requiring a lot of efforts.


This activity is also especially suitable for women in most of health’s condition but choosing the best walking shoes for women is the first thing they should do. Afterward, they have to be ready about their time, spirit and work to walk every day because go walking regularly will bring highly valuable advantages below:

  1. Better cardiovascular health:

A recent study shows that walking about 30 minutes daily will reduce development of metabolic syndrome which is one of the symptoms to cause cardiac diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular accident. Another study also indicates that walking regularly combining with riding may decrease 11% to get cardiac diseases, especially in women.

  1. Reduce danger of breast cancer:

According to an American magazine, women only need to walk several hours a week in order to reduce breast cancer, get thinner, and increase ability of producing estrogen. The result of a study with over 74000 women from 50 to 79 years old in good health condition shows that danger of breast cancer reduce 30% while obesity only decrease about 10%. It is similar to a study in younger women. In addition, go walking also improve sexual life a lot.

  1. Refresh your mind:

Go jogging in the morning may help to awake the body’s energy and refresh your mind in order to focus on the work all day. Besides, walking in the afternoon will help to have a good sleep at night; however, you shouldn’t go walking over 2 hours before sleeping to avoid being tired for your body. Furthermore, go walking in about 30 minutes a day will reduce stress and improve your feelings because it helps to produce endorphin which makes your mind happier and more positive.

  1. Keep fit:

It is sure that a large number of women concern about their appearance, but because of work and time, most of them seem to not have enough time and money to make beauty, especially to keep fit. Many housewives are getting more and more obese nowadays while a few of them have time to walk every day. However, a study indicates that if women go walking 1 hour a day and five times a week, they will cut down 1500 calories a day and lose about 11 kilograms a year. Therefore, go walking may control your weight.

In addition, walking can protect your bones and maintain memory for women. It is similar to doing exercises in a gym, go walking requires to use 95% muscles of the body, so this process helps to impulse and make your bones healthier. Go walking frequently also makes your brain more active and healthy.

  1. Prevent miscarriage:

For pregnant women, relaxing and having a good diet are two important things to have the best health for babies. However, it is not completely right to stay in a bed constantly. Pregnant women should go slow walking to make their mind relaxing and prevent miscarriage.

  1. Save time and money:

Nowadays, not many women no longer stay at home and do household chores. They are so busy at work that they have a little time to care themselves and family. It is a reason why many people don’t have time to go to a gym and do exercises there. Go walking is the best choice for those who are always busy at work.

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