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Advantages and disadvantages of using light therapy lamps for SAD

Light therapy lamps have proven to be the best treatment ever for mood disorders when used as a part of light therapy or photo therapy. Though it depends on how you use the lamps for improving the various mood symptoms, it can help in many ways for sure. Due to the fact, light therapy lamps come with many advantageous features that are used to allow the bright light penetrate into the nerves through the skin and the optic nerves through the eyes.


When penetrated consistently, the light helps in reducing the number of hormones that cause low feelings and cause depression. In turn this light help in improving the production of hormones that bring wellness, feeling of happiness and creates and active feel in the body that rejects feelings of depression as well.

Such treatments help in treating the depression induced due to the lack of sufficient light in winters or sometimes the shifting seasons that causes an imbalance in the mood.

Through the bright light effects, people can get better a better mood and can fight back with the depressive symptoms easily.

This method has become popular due to its noninvasive nature and the harmless rays that will not only create a soothing effect but will also help in keeping the mood shifts away. It is important to have the right dose of the light for the right time span that works best for a particular set of symptoms. For example, if you have severe mood shifts or seasonal affective disorder, you may need a prolonged and intensely bright light rather than the mild light.

As a fact when you have something that affects the functions and the conditions considerably, you might be able to figure out the prominent advantages and disadvantages as well. To throw a light on the pros and cons of light therapy lamps, here is a brief explanation of what makes it good for everyone:

Advantages of light therapy lamps

  • The light therapy lamps are popular as being a good source of white light that is capable of treating seasonal affective disorder. Due to its effects on the mood states, the light is used in various ways using its various intensities for various levels of depression and help people live a better life.
  • Due to the non-invasive therapeutic method, the light therapy lamps are not harmful at all and can treat many symptoms without any side effects.
  • The harmless and mild rays are suitable for a wide range of mood issues and they can be used by anyone who needs help in reducing the mood symptoms. There are no indications of any kind of contrary outcomes among the people who use it. That is why it is considered as the safest and easiest way to treat depression caused by the seasonal changes.
  • It is very easy to use and does not require any kind of special setup to use the light. You can either use it while eating, working or even when you are taking your breakfast and reading newspaper. You just have to stay within the light span and you are all covered by the goodness of the bright white light to get all the therapeutic advantages of the useful rays.

Some precautions to take:

Sometimes when people are too sensitive to light changes and they show certain reaction towards the light being thrown on them, they may feel a bit of drowsiness and nausea. But these are rare and mild and can be avoided by adjusting the light intensity.

Due to its suitability for all people and harmless effects that help in creating helpful conditions for the mood the light therapy lamps works for most of the people without invading their lives in any way. They are just a great source of therapeutic light to help to improve the mood and makes people feel better.

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