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5 Mistakes the Beginners Should Avoid When Starting to Run

For women, running can be one of the most effective methods helping to lose weight and keep fit. In fact, there are a lot of people doing this exercise but they do in the wrong ways and waste a lot of time without getting the desired result. So why?


Here in this post, there are some running mistakes for the beginners so you can avoid in order to get the best result.


  • Choose the unsuitable running/walking shoes


You know, the best running shoes or best walking shoes for women will be really essential for any women wanting to practice running. If you wear the unsuitable ones, they will be one of the main causes making you get hurts when running. Therefore, you should choose yourself the specialized running or walking shoes from the professional sports shops. From that, your feet will be comfortable to act and not get hurts when running or walking.


  • Wear the inappropriate sportswear


Wearing the inappropriate sportswear can make the practicing ability reduce and make you uncomfortable too. This will be easy to make you give up right after you start your work. Therefore, when practicing, you should wear the sportswear matching with the weather to ensure the pleasure when wearing them. For example, you should wear the airy ones which can absorb the sweat well in the summer. Whereas in the winter, you should choose the good windbreakers to be your perfect partners.


  • Run fast right after you start


That you run so fast when starting will make your body lose water faster before you can reach the goal. Moreover, it will also make you easier to get injuries if you run fast in the beginning. Therefore, you should run in the first steps slowly then increase your speed gradually. From that, you can keep a good speed until the end of the road without stopping halfway.


  • Run in the long steps


Many studies show that running in the long steps will make your body tired faster and also increase the risk of injury. Thus when running, you should run in the moderate steps then raise the intensity. It will be more effective a lot.


  • Do not supplement enough water for the body


Almost people are not aware of how much water their body loses during running so they also do not care about providing for the lost water. This makes many people get serious dehydration in their running process. Therefore, to make your body not lose water and get the high result during practicing, you should note to drink water before, after and during training.


  • Note:


  • You should not focus too much on the speed during practicing process because some people think that the faster the practicing process, the better the result. In fact, this will make your muscles painful because of the abruption or create the dangers causing a stroke.
  • You need a relaxing spirit, get rid of all the anxiety and do not forget to breathe deeply and regularly to get the best result.

In conclusion, we hope that with our sharing about 5 mistakes of running for the beginners, you will practice rightly and get the best benefits from it.

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